Sleeping Areas


A main floor bedroom directly adjacent to the full bathroom with support bars in the tub shower. Views of the backyard and patio and directy off the parlor. Dr. Taylor would have used this room in the early 1900s for his medical practice.


2nd floor bedroom, 2 closets, views of the backyard, and pictoral history of the famous bridge burning of the longest covered bridge in the world just days before Gettysburg – as the confederates attempted to cross the river, but were turned back!


The late 1800’s Chronicles of Narnia looking wardrobe will wow you – along with the blackout velvet drapes. Sleeps 2 adults or children in the full size trundle bed. Views are of the historic Mount Bethel graveyard with walking trails across the street.


Columbia was originally Wrights Ferry – founded by John Wright. The historic graveyard across the street is the resting place for his daughter – and the Wright Room is the largest bedroom complete with a fireplace, two closets, a full size couch, TV, and incredible photo of the famous Wrights Crossing of the Susquehanna River where the town began.

Upper ROOM

The exciting renovated craft and artist attic is our recent visitors favorite room! This vintage inspired room features views over Mount Bethel Cemetery, comfortable sun lit seating for a perfect getaway from the rest of the house.


New N64 game room with 4 controllers, pull out couch, and puzzles and a card table

Our third floor has a Joyland Couch Bed, along with desk, yoga mat, books and puzzle table, and a TV with Nintendo 64 games and controllers. There is a small fireplace as well.